Monday, July 25, 2011

Coping with the Burden of Being a Common II

This last week was hawt!

It was hard during the first two days of the week but the last2 week days was awesome, therez a bad news and of course a good news. After a 2 week long break, i hooked up with my girl last week in a private residence, we were together for about an hour and we talked for almost 45 minutes of it spending the last 15 in deep,passionate kiss.

I haven't had such in a long time and it was timely. The bad news is that, i won't be seeing my girl more often cos of some curfew in her home and the good news is, shez more caring and dots on me a lot now. Calling me every second of the day just to check on me or to say sweet things. I enjoy every second with her either on phone or in her company.

Am sure you want to know what happened this lastweekend and the last 2 days of the weekdays, my girl reads this page too, sorry.