Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coping with the Burden of Being a common Man

Its been a long while i came after introdcing myself and talking about the place i come from and my people. my absence tells the situation of things in my enviroment, in as much i have to pay to surf the internet then you know what the story is all about;no money!

This year has brought good stuffs and the bad. New swag, job, lots of money, lots of women, new taste and of course, more difficulty. i have to eat, dress to impress,think about my future and send signals to my girl. trying to figure out the purpose of life without putting God and Satan in my head, just tryna be real, simple, exclusive and smart yet very hood.

All these makes man mad, thinking about evryone around, there judgements he blvs affetcs him, cos he stirred their perception of things that brought about their judgements. Life is best lived the way it comes, experience is wicked, a very bad teacher i must say especially when you don't anyone older or experienced to tell you how to gi about it.

I have to go cos am beginning to think that i have lost my mind, i will write to you sometime soon. sooner than you expected, probably the 1st day of next month.