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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Wass up homies. hw far how una dey. Been a while your boy bash stopped by to say anything about himself or the people around me; shit has got plans you know. A LOT HAS HAPPENED SINCE THE LAST OCTOBER O. The last quarter of last year was rough, rugged and raw. we cried, laughed, smiled, played.......Janglover fit fall you sha. I was too busy with family and academic stuffs i never had to see friends drink , gist and party, but i enjoyed the holiday with my immediate family. Lotta shit happened though, like i now have a
dumb tattoo on my neck, it was inspired by too much alcohol.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In a market where products and commodities seem to have lost acceptability, branding plays a key role in marketing to the consumer. People are more emotionally connected to a brand than ever and they want a brand that offers them a connecting experience or a Halo Effect.

The connections between marketing and psychology are particularly interesting for a company like ours with a branding mission.

If psychology is the systematic study of human behaviour, then marketing is the systematic study of human behaviour in the marketplace.

Good-looking people, for example, tend to be perceived as more intelligent, more successful and more popular. That is the halo effect.

Apple Computer sales were up 68 percent over the previous year in 2005. Profits were up 384%. And the stock was up 177%. And Apple’s net profit margin increased from 3.3% to 9.6%, a remarkable jump.

The good news from Apple Computer wasn’t just the success of the iPod. As a matter of fact in 2005, the iPod and iTunes together accounted for only 39% of Apple’s sales. The other 61% of Apple (computers, software and services) also did well.

Apple’s computer and related businesses were up 27% in 2005 over the previous year. And, according to industry reports, Apple increased its share of the personal computer market from 3 to 4%. That’s the halo effect in marketing.

Apple concentrated their advertisement more on one of their products – The iPod. Many times, it is good to aggregate more efforts in advertising the best product or service in a company, this in turn help endear the brand of that company emotionally to the people, which in turn help in promoting other products and services of that company.

Motorola also employed a similar advertisement concept by putting its emphasis on its RAZR line of cell phones. In the third quarter of 2005, for example, Motorola shipped 38.7 million cell phones. Revenues for the quarter were up 26%.

But only 6.5 million, or 17% of those cell phones, were RAZR lines. So, the RAZR was a halo for the rest of the Motorola line.

Focusing your marketing message on a single word or concept has been my tune for years. But taking this idea a step further can also produce dramatic results. Focusing your marketing budget on a single product or service - This is surely very hard to be accepted in the boardroom, it sounds like an idea of putting one’s egg in one basket.

Business as it is, is many times based on careful risky prediction towards an unprecedented action in marketing. In other words, no business idea is perfect based on so many constraints. As it is, the halo effect has been successfully implemented by many leading business brands.

Virtually every principle of psychology can be applied in marketing. Take imprinting, for instance.

The first brand in a new category will imprint itself in human minds as the original, the authentic, the real thing. Kleenex in tissue. Google as a search Engine. Heinz in ketchup. Starbucks in coffee shops.

The study of marketing begins with the study of psychology.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wikileaks: IBB Links Tinubu, Atiku, OPC With Al-Qaeda.

Wikileaks, the anti-secret website has revealed the extent political office seekers can go to damage one another, in order to achieve their political objective. In one such move, an aide to former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, made allegations before the American Consular General that former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, former Lagos governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and even the Odua Peoples’Congress had links with the terrorist organisation, Al-Qaeda.

The lies were apparently told in order to get America’s support for Babangida’s presidential ambition then. The American Consular noted in the cable dated 13 August 2005 that it should be taken as an effort to damage political opponents’ reputations. The cable read in part:

S E C R E T Section 01 Of 02 Lagos 001277

Subject: Nigeria: Reported Al Qa’ida Activity

Classified By: Consul General Brian Browne for reasons 1.4(b) and (d)

1. (S) Summary. Professor Ukandi Damachi, a long-time Mission contact and close advisor to former head-of-state Ibrahim Babangida, recently told us about a chance encounter he had with pro-Obasanjo members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)executive. These partisans alleged an association between Vice President Atiku, Lagos Governor Tinubu and Al-Qaeda. According to Damachi, the PDP members told him the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), a loose and curious amalgam of some Yoruba politicians, street thugs, and other ne’er-do-wells, founded in the late 1990s, had received funding from Al-Qaeda. The PDP official claimed both Vice President Atiku and Lagos Governor Tinubu were involved in this transaction, which was intended to finance the OPC destabilization of southern Nigeria. Damachi maintained the PDP members said President Obasanjo was aware of these events. Vice President Atiku and Governor Tinubu, both in Obasanjo’s doghouse, have been long-time allies and are in ongoing discussions about forming a presidential ticket for the 2007 elections. This information has not/not been corroborated and may be intended to shape USG thinking on Nigeria’s presidential aspirants. End Summary.

2. (S) Damachi asserted that he encountered senior PDP leaders July 22 at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. The party figures were awaiting the arrival of PDP Chairman Ahmadu Ali and President Obasanjo. Damachi told the Consul General that the PDP officials, including the party’s vice-chairman for the Southwest, began to discuss this matter openly with him. Then they also raised this issue with party chairman Ali who arrived at the airport before the President. Ali purportedly expressed both his and the President’s awareness of the alleged transaction. Ali, however, terminated this discussion, asserting that the groups’ top project at the moment was the impending PDP political rally in Lagos. After the rally, they would discuss this sensitive issue.

3. (S) Damachi asserted the PDP officials told him that Atiku and Tinubu were supporting this Al-Qaeda/OPC nexus out of political desperation. Both men would likely have their 2007 national political ambitions dashed by President Obasanjo. In response to this likely predicament, they would attempt to make parts of Nigeria ungovernable, in hopes of crippling

Obasanjo or even forcing his ouster. In the midst of the resultant turmoil, they would be able to revive their ambitions for the Presidency and Vice Presidency.

4. (C) Damachi also heard from his PDP interlocutors that President Obasanjo planned to dump Vice President Atiku in early 2006 on corruption charges and that this alleged Al-Qaeda

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don Jazzy and D'banj Started it, But Wande Coal and Dr. Sid killed it.

It was another drama and over 1 million twitter handlers retweed and made 'Oliver' (the video sample) a trending topic when on the 18th of August, 2011, the Mohits Crew decided to drop a sample video of the new single for a competition on the concept of the new song by D'banj, The Mr. Endowed himself.

Following the contract MO'Hits Records signed with G.O.O.D Music, Kanye West produced the beat to the wave making new single by D'banj, the vice president, Mo'Hits records. So far the song has been aired all over USA and its enjoying massive air play all overAfrica, South America and for its high Tempo, Chincos are not left out of this Groove.

Don't try the moves you see in the video at home, you will need a full does of Panadol to overcome it o!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Is it wrong to be overly ambitious, just do whatever you want cos it makes you happy?

That is the question I ask myself each time I think about stuffs that interests me, things that makes me happy when I do them. They give me peace of mind, I feel relaxed when I do them; I can do them free of charge and I can say I do them for leisure. You might see it as awkward and a waste of time.

These jobs so to say, are professional some people do rely solely on it for a living, saying I want to do them for fun might seem like trying to feel a basket with water. Ironically, it’s like filling a basket with a sharp sand; some would spill while filling the basket but it’s never a waste for you can pack the ‘waste’ and put them in the basket still, there sure must be left over no matter how prudent I am. The question is; what happens to those left over? They return to the earth where they come from, they are recycled into something better than sharp sand, I guess.

I love painting (though I have no idea how artists go about), photography, running a grocery store, creating my own fashion signature-everyone does that. I thnk they are all connected to the different states of my mind. I think grocery when I think of what to eat to be healthy ‘in and out’. When I say in and out I mean being inside and glowing outside, with a radiant glowing skin. I think of creating my own fashion signature when I look at myself ‘in and out’ and I see a glowing skin radiating and complementing the rays of the sun-I just want to cover my skin with the best clothes I can make for my self and just for myself-I am not being selfish. A Herculean stand behind the cameras and a nice pose in my comfort zone is all I needed to cool my nerves. Trying a world of making impossible possible, that’s what painting is to me and that’s exactly what focusing the lens means to me. Painting and photography is that dream world that I don’t want to wake up from. Though I might paint after retirement….lolz 0_0

To be continued…………………Season film ni o!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coping with the Burden of Being a Common II

This last week was hawt!

It was hard during the first two days of the week but the last2 week days was awesome, therez a bad news and of course a good news. After a 2 week long break, i hooked up with my girl last week in a private residence, we were together for about an hour and we talked for almost 45 minutes of it spending the last 15 in deep,passionate kiss.

I haven't had such in a long time and it was timely. The bad news is that, i won't be seeing my girl more often cos of some curfew in her home and the good news is, shez more caring and dots on me a lot now. Calling me every second of the day just to check on me or to say sweet things. I enjoy every second with her either on phone or in her company.

Am sure you want to know what happened this lastweekend and the last 2 days of the weekdays, my girl reads this page too, sorry.