Saturday, May 15, 2010

Introducing Bashorun_BiizBoy_Gaa

You are reading my Blog i guess, you might find it interesting or rather boring. It all depends on which angle you view me.
A lil about myself is not impressive but i will tell you all the same, I'm Bashorun Gaa: real names; 'Bayo Giwa
Born into a multi-poly(gaa)mous home, born in Lagos raised in Ibadan, OYO state. Attended St. Anthony's Catholic School and Victory Private School, Ibadan Grammar School and called it a day there,lol.

"He is not a gentleman neither is he so bad, he loves to meet new people, photography, small scale businesses, swimming, reading and writing, Traveling, Mountaineering, camping and loves to hang out with friends. He likes watching TV a lot, he loves women so much that he has
 He is a poor young business man working very hard to make ends meet, he likes challenges in whatever he does and he sees education as a necessity not a right" says my brother.
I have done a lot of crazy stuffs online  and the one that really gives me some sense of sensibleness is that of Carter Kara Grocery Store, it's one of the best i have done so far, though its still in design stage, i like the fact that i persona;;y designed and integrated all the features therein.

I love the planet earth so much, i even created a group for it on facebook, its called Plant a Tree.the group is a non goverment organization established to further publicise the dangers the planet earth is facing due to global warming. The group has been idle for sometime due to some administrative flaws, but it should be in work in the next 2 weeks.

You can catch me on Facebook, also on mobile (bashorun_biizboy). I'm also on my space..
its ok if you have questions just holla @ me or send them to my mail box '